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What makes a junior golf club a girls golf club? Well, to us at All Kids Golf Clubs it starts with the color of course. For the youngest golfers, color is really the only difference between girls golf clubs and boys clubs. Prior to the preteen years, girls and boys are generally of equal height and strength, so there is no need for manufacturers to design golf clubs for girls in the 3-12 year old age range any differently than golf clubs for boys.

Selecting a color such as pink or purple for your little girl's golf clubs could be the difference between her wanting to play the sport and her just being a spectator. As an adult, it might sound ridiculous, but I’ve seen it with my own eyes. When my oldest daughter was 4 years old, her grandparents purchased a set of red golf clubs for her. Because she is left handed, they said red was the only left handed color option that they could find at the stores for the size clubs she needed. She had no interest in picking up those red clubs and they are still in the box to this day. However, when we brought home a set of pink golf clubs, she couldn’t have been more excited about swinging those clubs in the yard. So don’t underestimate the power of color! The best reason to shop online for your girls golf clubs is that you have the best selection of both right and left handed girls golf clubs in a range of girl specific colors to choose from.