Load image into Gallery viewer, Lynx Ai Jr 3 Wood for Ages 5-7 (Height 45-48 inches) Blue
Load image into Gallery viewer, Lynx Ai 3 Wood or 5 Wood for Ages 5-7 (kids 45-48" tall) Blue

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Lynx Ai 3 Wood or 5 Wood for Ages 5-7 (kids 45-48" tall) Blue

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Lynx Ai 3 Wood or 5 Wood for Ages 5-7 Blue

3 Wood Length: 30 inches & 5 Wood Length: 29 inches

Recommended for Heights 45-48 inches tall

Available in right and left hand

Lynx has taken a massive leap in their engineering and all of their sets are designed using computer aided artificial intelligence. This Lynx Ai Junior 3 and 5 Wood is equivalent in size to competitor's sets that are labeled "Ages 5-7". This industry leading 3 and 5 Wood features stainless steel technology and is as light as a feather. Lynx Ai stands for artificial intelligence and is the engineering used behind all of the Lynx Ai junior clubs. This technology is the most advanced engineering available in the kids golf market.

Lynx Ai Junior Fairway Woods for Ages 5-7 Blue Specs:

  • 3 Wood Specs: 
    • 18.5 degree loft
    • 30 inches long
    • Club Head Weight 136 grams
  • 5 Wood Specs:
    • 22.5 degree loft
    • 29 inches long
    • Club Head Weight 146 grams

Lynx Ai Junior Golf Clubs Features:

  • Stainless Steel Engineering allows for paper light clubs.
  • Massive lightweight club head allows for easy contact on hits.
  • Features Artificial Intelligence technology.
  • Reinforced head with a specially weighted sole promoting a higher launch.
  • Ai Technology allows for longer and straighter shots.
  • Engineered with the latest technology for crushing hits on the golf course.
  • Head weight, shaft flex, shaft diameter and grip size is age appropriate

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