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Fore! U-Lite 3 Club Bundle for Girls Ages 6-8 (44-52 inches) - No Bag

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Fore! U-Light 3 Club Kids Golf Bundle
 Includes: Driver, 7 Iron, Putter, 1 Headcover
Recommended height range: 44 to 52 Inches Tall
Available in Right Hand & Left Hand

The Fore! U-Lite junior golf set from Fore! Golf is simply brilliant. Fore! Golf lives by the motto, "Fueled by passion, engineered by brilliance" and here at All Kids Golf Clubs we knew Fore! Golf was taking the golf game by storm when our customers were reaching out to us, informing us how thrilled they were with their Fore! U-Lite Golf Clubs!

The Fore! U-Lite technology makes it easy for kids to swing, designed with massive club heads for consistent contact on hits, leading to success on the golf course! The countless hours of research and engineering that Fore! Golf has endured, lead to a recipe that created perfect sized clubs and industry leading performance.


Fore! U-Lite engineering features a massive club head for crushing hits. Lightweight carbon shaft and Aluminum allow golf club head. Comes with a head cover 

7 Iron:

Oversized, heel-toe weighted irons feature an undercut cavity for more forgiveness. This allows for consistent contact and a quick found success for your toddler golfer.


High-MOI heel-toe design, allows for a massive sweet spot to align your putts. The putter also comes with a built in easy-to-use-alignment aid for accurate putts.

These clubs are recommended for heights 44 to 52 inches, which would be equivalent to competitor's set labeled "Ages 6 to 8." 

Fore! U-Light 3 Club Bundle for Ages 6-8 Purple Features:

  • Driver: 
    • U-Lite High Launch technology delivers crushing hits off the tee.
    • U-Lite Super Light engineering features a feather light driver.
    • Made with junior flex for incredible forgiveness.
    • Carbon shaft material. Club head is Aluminum allow.
    • 33 inches long.
    • 16 degree loft.
    • 57 degree lie.
    • Club Head Weight is 185g.
    • Engineered with professional technology.
  • 7 Iron: 
    • Oversized heel-toe weighted irons.
    • Undercut cavity for forgiveness and consistent contact.
    • Made with junior flex for incredible forgiveness.
    • Carbon shaft material. Club head is Stainless Steel.
    • 28 inches long.
    • 38 degree loft.
    • 60 degree lie.
    • Club Head Weight is 227g.
    • Engineered with professional technology.
  • Putter: 
    • High MOI Heel-Toe weight design.
    • Built in easy to use alignment system.
    • Shaft is Stainless Steel. Club head is zinc.
    • 25 inches long.
    • 3 degree loft.
    • 71 degree lie.
    • Club Head Weight is 320g.
    • Engineered with professional technology.
  • 1 Headcover: 
    • Hand Stitched head cover.
    • Protects your club from scratches and any damage.
  • Shaft Model: Graphite Mid Launching Wood Shafts in Junior/Teen Flex. Steel Mid Launching oversize steel iron shafts in Junior/Teen Flex.

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