Load image into Gallery viewer, epec 3 club girls junior golf set pink
Load image into Gallery viewer, Epec 3 Club Girls Golf Set (heights 42-66 inches) Pink
Load image into Gallery viewer, Epec 3 Club Girls Golf Set (heights 42-66 inches) Pink
Load image into Gallery viewer, Epec 3 Club Girls Golf Set (heights 42-66 inches) Pink
Load image into Gallery viewer, Epec 3 Club Girls Golf Set (heights 42-66 inches) Pink

Epec 3 Club Girls Golf Set (heights 42-66 inches) Pink

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Epec 3 Club Girls Golf Set Pink

 Includes: Fairway Driver, 8 Iron, Putter, Stand Bag
This set is available for kids 42 to 66 inches: Select your childs current height
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Richard Stamper, founder of Epec Golf has taken the junior golf game by storm, creating a formula that allows them to design, engineer, and offer a youth golf set that has professional grade technology, but doesn't break the bank when buying it. Richard has two boys who played golf and year after year, they had to buy new sets, and were throwing away thousands of dollars on perfectly good golf sets, it's just that his children kept outgrowing their current golf sets. Well, that's where Epec Golf's story began.

How Does the Upgrade System for Epec Golf Work?

EPEC is the only upgradeable golf club product on the market today. This innovation is important for one key reason; instead of replacing EPEC sets every time your young golfer grows, you upgrade at a fraction of the cost. Shaft upgrades are $15.00 per club and each iron weight we replace is an additional $5.00 charge. So the cost to upgrade a 5 club set can be as little as $75 to replace 5 shafts only. If that 5 club set was moving from a #2 to a #3, we would install new iron weights (2) and the upgrade cost would then be $85. To upgrade your Epec Set, just contact us at allkidsgolfclubs@gmail.com.

Epec Golf Technology

Epec Golf offers a system that allows you to upgrade your clubs, as your junior golfer grows. The Epec 3 Club Girls Golf Set for Height 42"-44" inches Pink is designed specifically for children in that height range, eliminating all uncertainty when deciding what size youth golf clubs to buy. This Epec Kids Golf Set comes with a Fairway Driver is engineered with a massive club head, that is extremely light, leading to more power in your child's golf swing. The Woods are finished in a PVD coating and Epec's Alignment Graphic Treatment. The 8 iron comes with a design built for older golfers, but engineered with junior research, which creates the best of both worlds, leaving your junior golfer feeling confident in their golf swing. The putter comes with an Epec alignment system, for easy alignment, and a slant neck, which is notorious on some of the best putters every engineered. A stylish pink golf standbag for your girl golfer!

Epec 3 Club Girls Golf Set for Heights 42"-66" Pink Features:

  • Fairway Driver: 
    • Oversized club head for crushing hits.
    • Junior Flex and a PVD Coating, with Alignment Graphic Treatment.
    • 155cc.
    • Engineered with Epec technology.
  • 8 Iron: 
    • Weighted design used for pro's, but engineered for juniors.
    • Junior Flex and lightweight technology.
    • Engineered with industry leading technology.
  • Putter:
    • Built in alignment system.
    • Slant neck which has been used on some of the best putters every engineered
    • Designed for clutch hits when they matter most.
  • Stand Bag: 
    • Deluxe lightweight stand bag
    • Large spacious pockets great for storing your golf belongings on the course.
    • Zipper pockets ensure nothing is lost.

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My daughter loves

Perfect set for my daughter. She loves the pink and black. Might order the blue for my son.