2024 Guide On Kids Golf Clothing Fashion & Trends

2024 Guide On Kids Golf Clothing Fashion & Trends

Know the Trends, Essentials, and Fabrics for Your Kids Golf Apparel

There’s a lot to consider when buying new golf clothes for your kids. The most important is knowing essential kids golf clothing – what boys and girls need to own to be comfortable at the course yearlong. It’s also beneficial to know the best brands, the current trends, proper sizing, what helps kids play their best, and where to buy it all. We at All Kids Golf Clubs are professionals when it comes to making sure junior golfers are dressed and feeling their best. Follow our expertise and get ready to shop through our extensive collection of Kids Golf Clothing!


It’s important to know the essential golf clothing your child needs when stepping onto the course. While many articles are the same for boys and girls, there are also differences. 

Boys need a full lineup of polos, pants, shorts, belts, hats or visors, outerwear such as sweaters and quarter zips, and golf shoes. If boys prefer playing in pants, then they don’t need to own any shorts. However, we do recommend polyblend or cotton shorts for extra hot summer days. 

Girls need a full wardrobe of polos, pants, dresses with a collar and sleeves, skirts and shorts of an appropriate length, outerwear such as sweaters and quarter zips, belts, hats or headbands, and golf shoes. 

Compared to the boys, girls have more ability to mix and match different articles of clothing when on the course. They also have more flexibility in choosing to own one article of clothing over another. For example, if your daughter prefers shorts over skirts or dresses, then she doesn’t “need” to own all three in order to play. 

When shopping for a golf dress, we recommend shopping with companies that make dresses specifically for golf. Big brands such as Adidas, Nike, or PUMA will always keep your options within course and clubhouse regulations.  

The Latest Trends for 2024 Youth Golf Apparel

It’s smart to stay on top of the latest trends so you can keep your kids’ style in line with the times. In 2024, golf clothing is big and bold. Rather than plain basic-colored shirts, kids are looking to stand out. Shirts, shorts, skirts, and dresses with fun geometric or abstract patterns are always eye-catching. The PUMA Boys CLOUDSPUN Golf Polo and Garb Ava Girls Pink Pineapple Golf Polo are some of our personal favorites!

Nike Kids Golf Shoes Guide for 2024

The popular color choice is anything bold and vibrant. Girls enjoy their pinks, purples, teals, and pastels – like this Adidas Spark Girls Golf Polo. Boys tend to gravitate towards popping yellows, reds, and light blues. Bright neon colors are very trendy amongst young golfers today as well, helping them shine bright at any hole on the course. 

For girls’ and boys’ golf clothing, any designs providing an accent or contrast in color is always a plus. In 2024, the most popular are geometric patterns with color contrast that produce sophisticated looks. Stripes and repetitive shapes seem to provide that contrast that many kids draw towards. 

We also know abstract prints never seem to fail. Countless printed images, from this Popsicle Toddler Golf Polo to the Bad Birdie in Bloom Kids Unisex Golf Polo, provide the blast of uniqueness kids are searching for. The more contrast in colors within these designs, the more they are loved.  

Kids love mixing and matching to perfect their wardrobe. Although one thing most kids don’t always enjoy mixing is brands. We know if a child is rocking a pair of Adidas golf shoes, they are going to want an Adidas polo to tie the outfit together. Any accessories such as shoes or hats are loved by junior golfers when they can match the style to their outfits. 

Our online shopping experience at All Kids Golf Clubs gives you the ability to find kids’ clothing with the hottest trends, designs, and colors from all the best brands.

Best Fabrics and Materials

We know your child’s comfort and performance are top priority when putting together their collection of golf clothes. For polos and bottoms, performance polyester, spandex and nylon blends are best – such as this Nike Dri-Fit Club Girls Golf Skirt. These materials provide comfort and full range of motion through their soft and flexible design. They are also very breathable, ensuring your child doesn’t overheat on warmer days. Even on hot summer days, these blends won’t retain any sweat, keeping kids cool and comfortable all day long. 

For shoes, there are mainly two options. First is the classic leather shoe. If your child is very early on in their golf game, or doesn’t play often, then we don’t recommend leather shoes. While they provide the most professional look, these shoes weigh more and aren’t breathable, typically causing a bit more discomfort. 

The second option are polyester or spandex mesh shoes. These are lightweight, bringing more comfort and breathability to children’s feet. While they don’t always look as professional as a leather shoe, mesh shoes like the Nike Rosche 2 G Junior Golf Shoes come in similar styles to kids’ favorite athletic shoes, making them happier with their look. 

Top Kids Golf Apparel Brands All Kids Love

When looking for high-quality childrens golf clothing that all kids love, you don’t have to look far. We carry the biggest name brands in sports – such as Adidas, Nike, PUMA, and Under Armor – that offer loads of golf tops, bottoms, shoes, and accessories to let your kids dress confidently. Each brand also has their own unique fabric technologies to provide multiple advantages in different environments or times of year. 

There are also smaller reputable brands that provide plenty of styles, designs, and sizes to choose from. From our experience, Garb is one that has gained a strong foothold within the kids golf clothing industry. Their intricate craft and selections are what led us to placing them in our collections!

Take a look at why we love each of these big brands and the kids golf attire they provide!


Adidas has taken many extra steps to create clothing for every type of person and environment. In our expertise, their most effective technology is the Adidas AEROREADY.

Adidas AEROREADY technology is moisture-management focused. These clothes are designed to wick away sweat and allow it to evaporate quickly, keeping a constant lightweight feel.


A trusted name in many households, and certainly one at All Kids Golf Clubs. While they have engineered a large variation in fabric technologies, one stands above the rest: Nike Dri-Fit.

Nike Dri-Fit technology is engineered with polyester fabric that keeps you dry and feeling comfortable. The microfiber fabric construction wicks away sweat and disperses it quickly to speed up evaporation. 

Nike’s own advice is to wear their Dri-Fit clothing as a bottom layer against your skin. This is the best way to stay dry and comfortable all day long. 


PUMA has rapidly established themselves as one of the best brands in golf attire. Two of their next-gen fabric technologies – CLOUDSPUN and MATTR – have helped them achieve this well-known standing. 

PUMA CLOUDSPUN is where comfort meets efficiency. This custom-milled performance polyester spandex blend brings forth optimal performance and feel in any sport or environment. 

PUMA MATTR is designed for maximum levels of comfort and performance. Straight from their website, PUMA describes it as “moisture wicking, fast-drying fabric, with breathable, 4-way stretch and a lightweight feel” (PUMA – MATTR Collection). No “mattr” who or where you are, this fabric tech will help you play your best

Under Armor 

Under Armor has an intricate grouping of fabric materials used throughout their clothing collection. Every product shows exactly what engineering has gone into the apparel. Within their golf apparel, Under Armor maintains a high standard of soft, breathable, lightweight, 4-way stretch fabrics that help wick away sweat and dry very fast.

Under Armour Kids Golf Apparel 2024 Guide

What Will Fit My Budget?

If you must work within a lower budget, we’ve learned the best brands in childrens golf clothes have options at an affordable price. Our collection of the best brands at All Kids Golf Clubs offers kids golf tops and polos starting as low as $30

Despite the cheaper price tag, there’s no sacrifice for quality. These brands can be trusted for durable, comfortable, reliably made clothing that is just as good as expensive apparel. 

If you’re less concerned on budgeting your spending on kids golf clothing, then your options are limitless. We carry brands big and small that offer more unique designs or colors for a higher price. This price flexibility gives your child more freedom in finding tops, bottoms, and shoes that will fit their preferences. 

Plus, a bigger budget will open the door to luxury golf brands. These brands design kids golf clothes with finer fabrics and intricate styles like this Green Golf Motif Children’s Belt. On All Kids Golf Clubs we offer some of the best known luxury golf brands, including Garb and IBKÜL

When you shop online with us at AllKidsGolfClubs.com, you can choose to view kids golf clothes and shoes within a specific price range. No matter what your maximum budget is, you can manage the price filter to only show results that fit your budget. 

We are constantly running childrens golf clothing sales at All Kids Golf Clubs. If you see a product in our listings that is slightly outside of your budget range, keep tabs on it. You never know when we may put it on sale

Tips for Kids Golf Clothes Shopping

Sizing and Fitting

There’s a balance to finding the right fit for childrens golf clothes. There are two parameters we look for when shopping. 

On one end, we don’t want clothing to be too restricting. Kids need to maintain full range of motion in their clothes. However on the other end, we don’t want anything too baggy that can interfere with swinging or cause injury. Here is what we look for when selecting each article of kids golf clothing.

  • Polos: focus on the shoulders and arms. If there isn’t some sense of looseness in these areas to provide full range of motion, then it is too small. Find the balance of looseness in the shoulders but not too long or baggy at the waist. When untucked, this can interfere with a swing, and when tucked in can look unprofessional. Ensure the neck provides breathing room as well. A collar that is too tight will cause discomfort or rashes after swinging continuously. 
    • Long Sleeves: be sure sleeves come just past the wrists to the bottom of the hand. Anything shorter will annoyingly ride up during a swing. Anything longer will interfere with a child’s grip on the club. 
  • Outerwear: while you don’t want anything too large and baggy, in our expertise it is best to ensure outerwear is slightly larger than polos and tops. This way kids can comfortably wear the outerwear on top of their other clothes without restriction to swinging.  
  • Pants: you don’t want pants too tight and restricting a childs swing, walking, or bending down. There should be no concern of pants ripping or inability to reach down to pick up a ball or tee. Pants must leave room for comfortable breathing around the waist, but cannot be too loose. Belts can help, but it’s better to have pants that naturally rest at the childs waistline. Lengthwise, golf pants should end just below the ankle, resting perfectly atop their golf shoes so there’s no excess bagginess. 
  • Boys Shorts: same as pants, ensure the shorts naturally rest at the child’s waistline without limiting breathability. Lengthwise, we choose shorts that come down to knee level or slightly above. Where they fall in between can be up to your child’s likings. 
  • Girls Skirts or Shorts: the key we look for is length. Golf always requires proper etiquette, and length of girls skirts and shorts can be a touchy subject. Choosing shorts or skirts with 5-7 inch inseams will meet proper etiquette standards. Aligning these clothes with what is acceptable in school uniforms tends to be a good frame of reference.  
  • Shoes: the best way to know exactly what size golf shoes will fit your child is by using our Children’s Golf Shoe Sizing Chart (link here). 
  • Headwear: we never want a hat, visor or headband to restrict blood flow to the head. A good test for sizing headwear is by seeing if it falls off your child’s head when bending over or acting out their swing. If it doesn’t fall but feels too tight, keep trying smaller sizes until they reach a comfortable fit that stays snug

Seasonal Clothing

The season, weather, and temperature all impact what apparel our kids should wear to the course. In spring or summer (or warm fall days), the best options are shorts or lightweight pants, skirts and dresses, polos, plus hats to protect heads from high UV. 

In early spring or late fall when it’s chillier, we recommend heavier pants, long sleeves or polos with sweaters or quarter zips on top, plus hats and visors to keep any pesky sun out of their eyes. 

When those unfortunately chilly spring or fall days do come around, it’s important to prepare some layers. Layering clothes will keep children’s muscles looser by retaining as much body heat as possible. When the body does get too cold, the body experiences reduced blood flow and increased muscle contraction, causing a higher chance of strains, injuries, and overall reduced performance.

The best options for layering are quarter zips, pullovers, and sweaters. Any can be worn over a polo or dress to increase and retain important body heat. We personally love the Under Armor “Tee To Green” Girls Quarter Zip for its smooth style and pastel color options!

If it looks like rain in the forecast, packing a windbreaker or ran jacket is a great call. These can be worn over polos, quarter zips, and sweaters for extra protection. Options such as the Adidas Provisional Youth Golf Rain Jacket are comfortably worn over other layers. 

You can easily filter our collection of childrens golf clothing at All Kids Golf Clubs to find clothes designed for all seasons and weather!

Safety and Comfort

Sun Protection

It is vital to keep your kids protected from the sun during a day of golf, especially in the summer. Sunburn is nothing to play around with and can cause worse skin problems later in life. 

One incredible feature that many golf clothes now possess is built-in UPF protection. Many of you may be more familiar with the term “SPF”, so what’s the difference? While SPF refers to the time it takes for skin to redden, UPF refers to the amount of UV radiation that can get through clothing fabric and reach your skin. The higher the UPF rating, the more protection it provides. 

This built-in UPF protection can be found across nearly all brands and products. The Garb Poppy Youth Girls Golf Polo is one of our favorites, packing sun protection and an incredibly cute look for any girl to rock. 

In general, there are certain articles of clothing we recommend to keep kids sunburn-free. A very lightweight quarter zip or pair of pants will bring coverage to the upper and lower body. We do not recommend both, as summer days are very hot and having breathability is vital

In our expertise, kids are usually more comfortable in lightweight pants and a polo. Both articles of clothing can be found in polyester or nylon blends that allow sweat to wick away and rapidly evaporate from the fabric. 

Girls may be more comfortable in a dress. These often provide enough shade around the legs to protect them from the sun, while also being very breathable to keep them cool. But it is up to girls themselves to decide which combination of clothing is more comfortable on hot days. 

For headwear, nothing beats a good ole fashioned golf hat. Although visors provide a brim to block out sunshine, having full coverage from front to back of the head will prevent every bit of sunburn. 

Hats most often pack the UPF protection mentioned before to add extra safety measures. Plus, kids won’t sacrifice any style for safety when they can pick out hats as cool as the Adidas Par Three Youth Golf Hat

Breathability and Flexibility

Maximum comfort and range of motion are not up for debate in the game of golf. To play their best, golfers of any range need clothing that is breathable and flexible. 

Firstly, breathable clothing and shoes, particularly in warmer weather, prevent kids from overheating. Overheating can cause dizziness and dehydration, possibly leading to injury or sickness. 

Shirts and pants all have polyester, spandex, or nylon designs that are intentionally made to feel breathable. These materials won’t retain sweat, keeping clothes feeling light and dry on the hottest of days. 

Golf shoes - mainly spikeless golf shoes - may be made with mesh polyester, spandex, or nylon materials. Same as tops and bottoms, these fabrics will allow feet to breathe completely, keeping them sweat-free and comfortable all day long.

Secondly, flexible clothing and shoes make a huge difference. Whether when walking, swinging, or simply bending over to pick up a golf ball, having maximum movement will let kids play their best

We look for those same materials as before – polyester, spandex, and nylon blends – in apparel such as Puma Girls Pull On Golf Pant to provide the most movement in any position or motion. 

Where to Buy? AllKidsGolfClubs.com of Course

Let’s be honest, there’s nothing better than handling your shopping online. No lines, no cranky clerks, and near unlimited selection of styles and sizes

We at All Kids Golf Clubs pride ourselves in our massive collection of polos, outerwear, pants, skirts, hats, shoes, and everything in between. Our expertise in every facet of children’s golf has helped us compile the biggest collection of childrens golf clothing and shoes for kids of all ages and tastes. Let your kids find their favorites, and then wait for it all to arrive at your door hassle-free!

If your kids have a particular brand in mind, like Nike, Adidas, or Under Armor, you can find them all on AllKidsGolfClubs.com. From the comfort of your home, help your kids find clothing and shoes will have them feeling their best on the golf course.

We also pride ourselves on our real-life rapid customer service. When you choose to chat with us on our website, you will get in-touch with owner Joseph himself, who can answer any questions you have while doing your kids golf clothes shopping.  

Environmentally Friendly Kids Clothing Options

Now more than ever, we understand the importance people see in eco-friendly clothing. We love carrying brands with this environmental consciousness in their collections so parents can keep kids happy while still supporting the environment.

Nike’s Victory line of polos are made with 100% recycled plastics. PUMA’s Conservation Collection is made from recycled materials. Adidas uses recycled plastics as a basis for all their polyesters, even in this Adidas Aeroready Half-Zip Girls Golf Dress

Another way to do your part in supporting the environment is by recycling and upcycling. For recycling, some school uniforms work as proper etiquette-based kids golf outfits, such as girls skirts, as well as boys and girls pants and polos

If your little golfer is growing out of their old golf clothes, donate any well-kept apparel that other families can reuse for their own kids. The less going to waste, the better! 

Upcycling is a bit more complicated. If you or someone you know is a wiz with a needle and thread, there may be a way to reuse old golf clothes. Any old golf shirts and pants that are too large for younger kids can be hemmed to fit properly. We don’t recommend giving this a try without prior experience, but know there is a way to bring golf clothing down a size or two!