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Confidence JR Tour 4 Club Girls Golf Set Ages 4-7 (44-54 inches) Pink

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Confidence 4 Club Girls Golf Set
 Includes: Driver, 7 Iron, 9 Iron, Putter, Stand Bag, Headcover
Recommended for kids 44-54" tall
Available in Right Hand

As a junior golfer begins his journey on the golf course, there is one attribute that allows kids to fall in love with the beautiful game, and that would be confidence. Kids thrive on things that they are good at and become frustrated at the things they struggle with. Well, here at All Kids Golf Clubs the Confidence JR Tour 4 Club Kids Golf Set Ages 4-7 Pink is everything your junior girl golfer needs to have that quick found success, and fall in love with the beautiful game of golf. For kids 44 to 54 inches tall. With the Confidence junior golf sets, they come with an incredible lightweight design on their clubs, that leave you feeling like you have all the power possible in your swing. Let's just say, Confidence Golf Clubs, took it to heart in putting confidence in their brand name. This set features a Driver with a massive clubs head for crushing hits. The 7 iron and 9 iron are designed for effortless hits and consistent contact. The mallet styled putter will help you sink the most important shot of the day. A stylish pink and black stand bag is lightweight, and comes with a headcover!

Confidence JR Tour 4 Club Girls Golf Set for Ages 4-7 Pink Features:

  • Driver: 
    • Oversized club head for crushing hits.
    • Junior Flex and Graphite shafts.
    • 15 degree loft.
    • 36 inches long
    • Engineered with Super Game Improvement technology.
  • 7 Iron: 
    • Weighted cavity backed design.
    • Junior Flex and Graphite Shaft
    • 30 inches long
    • Engineered with industry leading technology.
  • 9 Iron:
    • Weighted cavity backed design.
    • Junior Flex and Graphite Shaft.
    • 29 inches long.
    • Hit every shot with confidence.
  • Putter:
    • Mallet styled putter.
    • Built in site alignment built into the design of the putter.
    • 28 inches long.
    • Designed for clutch hits when they matter most.
  • Stand Bag: 
    • Deluxe lightweight stand bag
    • Large spacious pockets great for storing your golf belongings on the course.
    • Zipper pockets ensure nothing is lost.

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