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Lynx Junior Golf Clubs with Ai Technology

In golf, there are few names that resonate as strongly as Lynx. Our equipment is proudly designed using the most innovative technology for maximum enjoyment of the game.

Feel free to checkout all of our junior golf sets, we have the largest selection of kids golf clubs in the U.S!

Lynx Golf has been a major player in the golf game since 1971! Family owned and operated, every member of the Lynx Golf team shares a commitment to helping golfers around the globe play better. There are not many brand in the golf world that have had the same impact as Lynx has. Although they have been around since 1971, their technology and engineering of all their clubs has only improved year after year!

The Lynx toddler golf club 7 iron is a fan favorite. At only 18 inches long, its made for the youngest and smallest of golfers, its a great club to start your child's golfing experience.

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Since the original generation of iconic lines like Black Cat, Prowler and Tigress, golfers have always been able to trust Lynx clubs to perform at the highest level. Our team is constantly innovating, looking for new ways to push the boundaries of golf club design to create the best equipment in the world.

Lynx Junior Clubs with Ai Technology

The Lynx Junior Clubs now have Ai technology, but what is Ai technology? Ai technology is the process of using computer technology to design a golf club so precise and futurist, it allows all junior golfers to have an immediate positive first golf experience.

In this graph below you can see how Lynx Ai compared to the market leader in a head to head battle in distance statistics of Ai vs the Market Leader.


  • Independently tested at RoboGolf in Germany.
  • Testing we have undertaken on our 'Ai technology clearly demonstrates vast improvements on performance.
  • Ai produces greater clubhead speed, ball speed, efficiency, optimized spin and launch.
  • Ai proves that not only the weight, size and flex of the shafts and grips produces better results, but technology in the head and ball also attribute to the increase in performance, 
  • Lynx 'Ai range provides the junior golfer with longer drives and higher softer landing approach shots making the game more playable and enjoyable.
  • This diagram clearly indicates the distance increase of Lynx Junior Ai.

Lynx Ai compared to the market leader ball speed was greater by 25 mph and as for distance in yards, was greater by 50 yards.

As you can see in the above graph, the Lynx teen golf driver for kids 60-63 inches tall on average will result in over 50 yards longer driving distance than the market leading junior golf driver.

Lynx has helped generations of golfers, from major champions to weekend warriors, perform at their best. We have carried this legacy forward into the modern era with a focus on developing high quality, technologically-advanced golf clubs for golfers of all skill levels. Let the games begin!

Lynx Ai Junior Golf Set

Starting of with our Lynx Ai 5 Club Junior Golf Set for Kids 48-51 Inches Tall Red. Engineered with the most advance technology out there, this set of clubs is top of the line!

It doesn't stop there! Next up is our Lynx Ai Junior 5 Club Golf Set for Kids 51-54 Inches Tall Orange. These Lynx Ai Junior golf clubs come with massive club heads which lead to excellent performance on the golf course. When you start anything new, there is a good chance that you will struggle at first, which is why Lynx has made sure to do everything in their power to make large club heads and light weight clubs. Check these out before they sell out!

Junior golf clubs deserve the same attention to detail as adult golf clubs get. After considerable research and development, Lynx is looking to completely change the way people think and perceive junior golf. Lynx Ai Junior 6 Club Golf Set for Kids 54-57 Inches Tall Green comes in a beautiful color scheme and is filled with endless hours of ingenuity and fine tuning. If you're interested in performing at your best, these Lynx Junior Golf clubs are the ones for you! 

As your junior golfer grows, Lynx grows with them. Lynx Ai Junior 6 Club Set for Kids 57-60 Inches Tall Black comes in an elegant color, that even adult golfers will be in love with. We guarantee that these junior golf clubs will blow anything else out of the water, while leading to success on the green for your junior golfer. Check these out before we sell out!

Sleek and stylish is what's included in our tallest Lynx set! Lynx AI Junior 6 Club Set for Height 60-63 Inches Silver will turn heads the moment you get to the golf course. Lynx Ai Junior are the most unique and advanced range of Junior golf products ever produced. This Lynx teen golf club set is designed using computer aided artificial intelligence. If you're ready to elevate your golf game, we have the perfect set of junior golf clubs for you!