2024 Guide to Kids Golf Clothing Etiquette For Boys & Girls

2024 Guide to Kids Golf Clothing Etiquette For Boys & Girls

A guide to how kids should properly dress at country clubs and municipal golf courses by AllKidsGolfClubs.com

June 2024

There’s a lot to consider when buying new golf clothes for your kids. The most important is knowing proper golf clothing etiquette – understanding the guidelines to what boys and girls are and aren’t allowed to wear at the course. It’s also beneficial to know the best brands, the current trends, proper sizing, what helps kids play their best, and where to buy it all.

We at AllKidsGolfClubs.com are professionals when it comes to making sure junior golfers are dressed and feeling their best. Follow our expertise on anything from summer shorts and skirts to fall quarter zips and year-long golf shoes, to learn what we look for when dressing our kids before a day of golf. Once you’re ready to get shopping, look through our extensive collection of Kids Golf Clothing!

Boys & Girls Golf Clothing Etiquette

Golf clothing etiquette is absolutely necessary at all stages and ages of the game. Since the beginning of the sport, country clubs and courses have required a specific standard of apparel to maintain golf’s prestigious image. 

Thankfully, golf clothes aren’t as hot and stuffy as they used to be. Nowadays, clothing is much more comfortable and fashion forward, with all top brands that kids love carrying golf attire. Although apparel has grown less formal over the years, there are still definite rules to be followed

If you feel unsure on what your child should wear to the course, stick to purchasing golf specific brands where you know clothing is made appropriate. This includes big brands such as Nike, PUMA, Under Armor, and Adidas. Each offers traditionally-based options that don’t push the limits on course rules. 

Once you get a better idea of what is and isn’t allowed in clubhouses and at the course, you and your child can then start making adjustments to their wardrobe.

2024 Guide to Kids Golf Apparel Etiquette

Private vs Public Golf Course Rules

Depending on whether you and your child golf at private or public courses, there tends to be differences in the formality of attire. Public courses will allow looser rules to follow, such as permitting shorts and an untucked shirt, while private clubs hold onto strict traditions that call for more formal attire and presentation. Therefore, if you’re headed to golf at a private course, be sure you follow etiquette rules down to the last detail

Another good example is with hats. A public clubhouse often won’t mind hats inside. But if you’re at a private clubhouse, all bets are off, and your hat should be too. 

Even when at public courses, it may be best to have kids get into the habit of removing their hat before stepping indoors. Worst comes to worst, it is always acceptable to call the clubhouse beforehand and find out their full list of attire requirements firsthand. 

Differences for Boys & Girls Attire

It may sound obvious, but boys and girls have different attire etiquette rules to follow. While each gender does have separate golf attire rules, there is no difference between the attire rules for adults and children. If your child is playing, then have them dress to the same standard as you hold yourself.

Here are basic principles we gathered to help boys and girls learn how to dress correctly for the course

For boys:

  • Shirts (besides outerwear) tucked in at ALL times
  • Shirts must have a collar (mock turtlenecks are permitted instead during colder wether)
  • Always wear a belt with shorts and pants
  • Hats and visors always worn forwards
  • Well-fitted tops and bottoms, no bagginess (Clothing with any bagginess looks unprofessional, and can also get in the way of swinging)
  • Nothing sleeveless

For girls:

  • Fitted shirts don’t have to be tucked in, but must be an appropriate length so no skin showing (We suggest choosing shirts that can tuck in. This gives a cleaner look and prevents shirts from getting in the way of swinging)
  • Skirts and shorts must be an appropriate length with an inseam between 5 to 7 inches
  • When wearing shorts or pants, wear a belt
  • Sleeveless shirts must have a collar, while tops with sleeves do not need a collar (most dresses don’t have sleeves, so these will need a collar)
  • Hats and visors always worn forwards

For both boys and girls, there is NONE of the following allowed:

  • Open-toed shoes or sandals
  • Denim (aka jeans)
  • Cut-off shorts
  • Pants or shorts with rips
  • Gym attire
  • Leggings
  • Apparel displaying inappropriate or explicit messages

Again, if you have any shadow of a doubt in what your child should wear to golf, stick to the basics from brands we’ve mentioned. You can also call the clubhouse and inquire what they do and do not permit worn to avoid any problems.  

Time to Get Shopping

We hope our All Kids Golf Clubs guide has shed some light on how to make the best decisions when shopping for childrens golf clothes. We have taught you all we know – seriously, we have! 

Now that you know the proper attire etiquette to follow, the hottest kids golf clothing trends, and best decisions to guide you along the way, it’s time to get shopping

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