Left Handed Junior Golf Clubs Ages 9-12

Left Handed Junior Golf Clubs Ages 9-12

 Left Handed Youth Golf Clubs for Kids Ages 9-12

Generally our left handed junior golf clubs for kids ages 9 to 12 are designed to fit children between 48 and 54 inches tall. If your child is above that range, you should check out our selection of teen golf club sets.  Please use age only as a guideline.  The most accurate way to select the proper size junior golf clubs is by measuring your child.  Review the height recommendation listed for each club set to make sure that the set you selected properly fits your child. If you want to explore all of junior golf sets or teen golf clubs, feel free to checkout all of our junior golf sets, we have the largest selection of kids golf clubs in the U.S!

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Should Lefties Golf Right Handed?

Not that long ago, left-handed kids were taught to golf right handed. I was one of those kids that experienced that frustration. The instructors had good intentions.

  • Courses are designed for the right handed golfer
  • Your left side is stronger so when golfing right handed, the left handed player has a strength advantage since the lead arm is the left arm.
  • Many experts believe in the theory that golfers should swing in the opposite direction of their dominant hand. However, switching your hand in golf takes tons of coordination and will result in frustration. So unless your left handed child approaches the ball on the right side with his/her left hand on the top of the grip, we do not recommend teaching your left handed child to golf right handed.

If your child is left handed, I'm sure that you've already been to your local sporting goods store to find a set of left handed junior golf clubs for him or her but you just weren't satisfied with what you could find.  Either they didn't have the right size left handed junior golf clubs in stock or if they did, they were completely the wrong color.  Your boy probably wouldn't be happy golfing with a set of pink golf clubs! 

That is why here at All Kids Golf Clubs we have a huge selection of left handed junior golf clubs for your child ages 9 to 12.  We have two left handed children ourselves and finding good quality equipment at a reasonable price for left handed athlete can be a challenge.

Most importantly, only use the age range as a guideline.  The best way to select the right size junior golf clubs is by a knuckle to floor measurement.