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Kids Golf Clubs Ages 2-5

Toddler Golf Clubs Ages 2-5 

Select from a range of junior golf sets specifically designed for children between the ages of 2 and 5 years old (child height range of 30 to 44 inches tall). Feel free to checkout all of our junior golf sets, we have the largest selection of kids golf clubs in the U.S! Please see each individual kids golf set for the recommended height range. These children's golf sets are available in both left and right handed as well as girl colors! Check out our single junior golf clubs category if you are looking for just a driver, wood, iron, hybrid, or putter for your toddler golfer. If you're shopping for a girl and their favorite color is pink, don't worry we have what you need. Checkout our girls golf clubs!

Below is a link to some of our most popular toddler single golf clubs:

Lynx Toddler 7 Iron Ages 2-3

Lynx Toddler Putter Ages 2-3

Tour X 7 iron for ages 2-4.

Lynx Toddler 7 Iron Ages 4-5

Lynx Toddler Putter Ages 4-5

The perfect toddler golf set - From Beginner to Competitive Play!

We understand that every toddler golfer has their own story and the reason why they play golf could very different, from some toddler golfers playing for fun a few times a year, to weekly recreational use, and some beginning to play competitively at a young age. Regardless of your journey, we offer toddler golf sets that fit you needs!

Beginner toddler golf clubs

 Golf Set Model: Age Range: Height Range: Price: 

Red Zone Tube Set Ages 2-4

-Red Zone 3 Club Tube Set

Ages 2-4 30 to 38 inches $99.99

Red Zone Girls Tube Set Ages 2-4

-Red Zone 3 Girls Club Tube Set 

Ages 2-4 30 to 38 inches $99.99

Tour X Size 0 Toddler Golf Set

-Tour X 3 Club Toddler Golf Set

Ages 2-4 30 to 38 inches $154.99


All Kids Golf Clubs - Recommended Junior Golf Club Sizing Chart by Height

Toddler golf clubs for ages 2 to 5 are for toddlers in the height range of 30 to 44 inches tall.

Kids Golf Clubs Ages 5-8 are for juniors in the height range of 38 to 48 inches tall.

Junior golf clubs 9 12 are for juniors in the height range of 48 to 58 inches tall.

Teen golf clubs are for teens in the height range of 58 to 70 inches tall.

If you’re looking for real golf clubs for your toddler, you have come to the right place! All Kids Golf Clubs has the best selection of toddler golf clubs that you will find anywhere! Our kids golf clubs for the youngest ages have high quality graphite shafts, metal heads and quality grips. We recommend using a set of plastic clubs as your child’s first set of golf clubs, but once he or she has built up the strength, eye hand coordination and interest in the game, it is time to get her a real set of clubs. The first club you should buy for your child is the putter. The putter will get your toddler used to holding the club correctly as well as the build success in hitting a ball toward a target. Once he has “mastered” the putter, the next club in his bag should be a 7 iron. We do not recommend starting with a driver since this is one of the most difficult clubs to hit correctly and will probably discourage your child. The 7 iron has a good loft on it and a shorter shaft which makes hitting the ball easier. It is cheaper to purchase a small 3 or 4 club set with a golf bag than it is to purchase single clubs one at a time, so consider a child’s golf set that has a putter, 7 iron and wood in it. Most of these sets are priced under $150, and you also get free shipping on all of our kids golf club sets!

Make sure to review the height recommendations for the golf club or set you are looking at purchasing for your child. We segment all of our golf clubs by age for your ease of shopping, but age alone is not the best way to select the right size golf clubs for your kid. Knuckle to floor measurements are the best indicator, but if that is not available, please use the height range recommendations. If you purchase your clubs correctly, your child should get about 2 years of use out of his kids golf clubs.

The weight of the club is very important that these very young ages because if they are too heavy, your child might not be able to swing the club correctly. All Kids Golf Clubs has built this wonderful comparison chart that allows you to look at all of our children's golf clubs in the 2 to 5 age group and compare weight of each club, the length and loft. You will not find such detailed information about clubs in this age group anywhere!