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Award Winning GolPhin Junior Golf Sets

What makes Golphin Clubs special?

Awarded Best Junior Golf Clubs in 2020 by Golf Digest Magazine! When it comes to innovation and pride, Golphin is not messing around. Their clubs are changing the junior golf game, with the sole intention of creating the perfect club for beginner golfers to get off on the right foot. Built and engineered with aerospace alloy, making their clubs 22% lighter than traditional junior clubs. The list goes on with High Flight grooves, 35% larger sweet spot, all leading to a recipe of making contact with the ball effortless. Tested against all other leading junior clubs and proven to outperform all other brands. Feel free to checkout all of our junior golf sets, we have the largest selection of kids golf clubs in the U.S!

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Technical Benefits:

  • Designed and built using aero-space alloy
  • Sweet spot is 35% larger
  • GolPhin clubs are 22% lighter than other junior golf clubs
  • Lighter and more comfortable to use.
  • Perfect fit to gain confidence and hit with consistency when on the course.

GFK+ High Performance Clubs

GFK+ are the high performance version offered by Golphin. We understand that junior golfers have different aspirations for their golf journey. There are young golfers brand new to golfing and want to enjoy the time out with their friends, sibling, parents, and grandparents. These golfers will thrive with the standard Golphin clubs. For the golfers who are aspiring to play competitively, compete, and really push their abilities, look no further than the GFK+ Clubs. GFK+ Clubs are designed in 4 stages, the club weight and shaft CPM (flex and torque) increases as the kids grow taller and increase their club head speed. GFK+ has been tested at major events, against all other leading junior clubs and proven to outperform all other brands.


Golphin clubs ranging from ages 3 to 10 are 22% lighter than the traditional junior golf clubs on the market. Being lighter isn't the only positive enhancement that Golphin uses, but their clubs are also engineered with high flight grooves and a 35% larger sweet spot, making consistent hits the priority for junior golfers. As young golfers begin their golf journey it's important that they're start off on the right foot and Golphin does this with their advance technology featured on all of their Golphin Junior golf sets.