The Guide To Selecting Golf Equipment for Junior Golfers

The Guide To Selecting Golf Equipment for Junior Golfers

The Junior Golf Equipment Guide

When getting your child involved in junior golf, we understand that it can be very overwhelming. Where do we even start? Golf clubs, golf bags, golf apparel, am I making the right decisions? Which brand is best? Don't worry, we see this all the time here at and we have perfected our formula to help parents get their child the perfect setup of junior golf equipment. We began our junior golf mission in 1999 and after 23 years, I guess you can say that we have mastered our craft, so let's dive in.

Appropriate Junior Golf Equipment Recommendation

Junior golfers are called "junior" for a reason and their equipment needs to be tailored for this. Junior golf clubs come in childrens size, feature junior golf flex, and will allow your child to thrive on the golf course.

  • Proper Size Junior Golf Clubs: We carry kids golf clubs for ages 2 to teen. All of our childrens golf clubs come in specific height increments, allowing you to find the perfect set of junior golf clubs. This allows you to set your child up in a "junior fitted" golf set right out of the box.
  • What is Junior Flex?: Junior Golf flex is crucial. What is junior flex? Junior flex feature golf clubs that are super light weight and have a "flex" that performs best at slower swing speeds, as kids swing slower that adults.

The Risk of Poorly Fitted Golf Clubs

Setting up your child in a proper sized kids golf set is a massive first step, which will allow your child to reach their golfing potential. This step is often times skipped and it leads your child to despise the game of golf. We get a lot of emails about people asking to cut down adult golf clubs and fit them for junior golfers and the best way to answer a question like that is to report that email as "spam" because we don't encourage or entertain bad behavior or habits. Your child will not reach their golfing potential if their golf clubs are not properly fitted, it will create poor habits, swing mechanics will be a mess, and making contact on their shots will have as much luck as you need to win the lottery.

How Many Golf Clubs Does My Child Need?

We see this all the time, parents thinking they need to buy an entire set loaded with every junior golf clubs possible and that is not the case. Your bank statement will most certainly thank us later. As your child is starting their golf journey you can get them started with a few golf clubs. It's very common that initially parents think that the driver is the best club for a child starting out but that is also false.

A child should start with only a few clubs, we suggest using an iron, putter, and then eventually working your way up to a driver. This is a very common pattern that pro golfers used as a child, they start with only a few clubs, become more comfortable with them, and then when they feel confident enough, another club is added to their bag. Here at we offer kids golf sets that come with 3 clubs, 4 clubs, 5 clubs, 6 clubs, 7 clubs, 8 clubs, 10 clubs, 12 clubs, and complete kids golf clubs. We also offer single junior golf clubs, which are perfect for buying that first junior golf clubs or adding to your youth golf set.

Which Junior Golf Brand is Best?

There are so many various golf brands out there and we are proud to say here at we have the largest selection of junior golf online. We carry 400+ junior golf sets and have every possible youth golf set on the market.

Now, with so many various brands, styles, colors, and so on, it is a little overwhelming. We think that every parent and child should find a junior golf set that fits them and what they're looking for. Every child is different and there should be no cookie cutter approach. One child may like the Cleveland CGJ Junior Golf Set and another child may like the Tour Edge HL-J Junior Golf Set. That's totally okay and should be respected. To make one thing clear, we stand behind every childrens golf club we offer at and our golf pros have tested every junior golf set. Checkout latest golf trends.