2024 Guide to Junior Wedge Golf Clubs

2024 Guide to Junior Wedge Golf Clubs

The Expert Guide for Junior Wedges by AllKidsGolfClubs.com

Is your child missing a wedge in their golf bag? While they can seem secondary in the game of golf, junior wedges can be a game-changer for your child’s performance. A pitching wedge, sand wedge, and gap wedge each have their own benefits. You may be wondering though - which one should we add next? 

To help you make the best decision and addition to your child’s golf bag, we will discuss the benefits of each wedge type, when it’s best to add a wedge to your junior golfer’s bag, and how to make the right wedge choice. We’ll also be listing out our top picks for junior wedges; broken down into wedge types and which are best for different age ranges between 2 to teen. When we’re done, feel free to shop through our Junior Wedges on All Kids Golf Clubs!

Why and When to Use a Wedge?

Wedges are necessary in perfecting a child’s short game around the green and in sand traps (because let’s be honest, a 9 iron won’t help them all the time). Determining what your child currently has in their golf bag is the first step in deciding which wedge is best to add next. If they don’t carry any wedges yet, we recommend starting with a kids sand wedge. These will help junior golfers in their short game around the green, in sandy bunker shots, as well as shooting out of the rough in tough lies. 

However, providing your child with a new wedge isn’t as much of a “why” as it is a “when”. So the second step is determining what your junior golfer needs to add to their golf game. Maybe it’s better bunker shots or shots from the rough. Maybe it’s better chipping onto the green, or they need something close range rather than a 9 iron. If they already own a sand wedge, then maybe it’s time to add a pitching wedge. Run through their current strengths and weaknesses, their current clubs, then come to a decision.

These developments and progressions in a child’s game also tend to go hand-in-hand with their age or skill level. The older and more experienced they become, the more versatility they will need in their clubs. 

Junior Wedge Lie Angle Chart

What’s Available in Junior Wedges?

Our pages at All Kids Golf Clubs are loaded with junior wedges that no other provider carries. The selection you’ll find on our website contains junior pitching wedges and sand wedges designed for youth golfers. We always want to provide kids with everything they need to play their best. Take a look below to see what our top recommendations are for each wedge type for all age ranges 2 through teen!

Kids Pitching Wedges

Pitching wedges are designed to assist golfers in shots around the green that are too close for a 9 iron. These wedges have quite a high loft angle, meaning shots will go higher with less distance. With a pitching wedge, junior golfers can use a club specifically designed for close shots, rather than adjust their power and plan of attack with a 9 or 8 iron. Our junior pitching wedges range from 46° loft to 52° loft. 

Top Recommendations

2-5 years old: Tour Edge Bazooka Max-J Pitching Wedge (for kids 36-44” tall)

5-8 years old: Lynx Ai Junior Pitching Wedge (for kids 48-51” tall)

8-12 years old: Tour Edge Bazooka Max-J Pitching Wedge (for kids 52-61” tall)

12 years old - teens: Lynx Junior Golf Pitching Wedge (for kids 55-64” tall)

Kids Sand Wedges

Sand wedges are designed to help golfers get out of a sand trap or bunker. However, that’s not all. Their versatility makes them a good club for pitch shots from various distances, including in the rough. Sand wedges have slightly higher loft angles than a pitching wedge. While pitching wedges often max out at 48-50° loft, sand wedges can be up to 58° loft. In visual terms, a kids sand wedge shot will go higher with less distance than their irons and pitching wedge shots. Our kids sand wedge selection ranges from 53° loft to 56.5° loft.

Top Recommendations

2-5 years old: Tour Edge Bazooka Max-J Sand Wedge (for kids 36-44” tall)

5-8 years old: Tour Edge Bazooka Max-J Sand Wedge (for kids 44-52” tall)

8-12 years old: Lynx Ai Junior Sand Wedge (for kids 54-57” tall)

12 years old - teens: Lynx Ai Junior Sand Wedge (for kids 60-63” tall)

Kids Gap Wedges

Gap wedges aren’t as popular, but still very beneficial. There is no standard gap wedge. In essence, they bridge the “gap” between a pitching and sand wedge. For example, if your junior golfer has a 46° pitching wedge and a 54° sand wedge, then any wedge with a loft degree between 46 and 54 would serve as their gap wedge. This will give more efficiency in shots that are too far for a sand wedge and too close for a pitching wedge. 

We offer junior wedges with loft degrees ranging anywhere from 46° to 56°, helping youth golfers find clubs for all types of shots. If you want to add a gap wedge to your junior golfer’s bag, pick one out with a loft degree that’s in between their pitching and sand wedge. If their junior pitching wedge is 46° loft and their kids sand wedge is 56° loft, then adding a wedge with 50-52° loft will bridge that “gap” in their gameplay. This addition is often best for older junior golfers who play competitively and have more experience under their belt. 

While many of our products are available for both left and right-handed golfers, some may only be available for one or the other. 

Now it's time to head to the Golf Course

We know how exciting it can be to see your child progress their golf game one club at a time. Nevertheless, be sure to not add too much too quickly. It’s important your child grows at a speed that helps them master their clubs. See what stage they are at in their skills and choose the proper wedge to add to their bag. The more they can develop their skills with each club, the better they will be in the long run.