What is The Starting Age for Junior Golf?

What is The Starting Age for Junior Golf?

What is The Starting Age for Junior Golf?

If you're a parent researching about junior golf, you have come to the right place. Here at AllKidsGolfClubs.com we have been fueling the next generation of junior golfers since 1999. There are certain things in life that you can leave to a guessing game, like the weather tomorrow, but there should be no guessing when it comes to your childs junior golf game. To dive into this, the starting age for junior golfer isn't a cookie cutter answer, but it's more about when your child is ready. Every child is different and there should never be a force to get them to begin playing golf, this can lead to early burnout. As a child begins golfing, we understand that buying a $149.99 dollar golf set isn't needed, all they need is 1 golf club to get swinging, which is why we offer single clubs for purchase. The smallest toddler golf clubs we carry are only 18 inches long, and they're for children ages 2+.

How to Get My Child Started in Junior Golf?

It starts with purchasing their first golf set or golf club, but this is where our message is very clear. A junior golfer should never use adult golf clubs, cut down adult golf clubs, or anything of that nature. Buying proper junior golf equipment is essential for any future success because of the fact that junior golf clubs come with junior flex, proper fit for children, and are engineered for KIDS. You should never buy childrens golf clubs based on your childs age, but by their actual height. Here at AllKidsGolfClubs.com we break down every category based on height and include in our product description what size child should use the selected product.

We see parents all the time cut down adult golf clubs and then their child ends up hating golf because they can't make consistent contact. Instead of jeopardizing your child's golfing future, please invest in a youth golf set or golf club, for a price starting at $37.99, available in right hand and left hand. We carry all different color golf clubs such as blue, orange, red, black, silver, purple, pink, lavender, teal, and more. Taking these small steps will create a snowball effect, which you will thank us later, I promise.

Now that your child has a junior golf set or a first golf clubs, you have done the hard part. Depending on if they're beginning to play golf outside or inside, you will want to buy them golf balls or practice foam balls that can be used inside. Regardless, golf balls and tees are extremely cheap and come in various colors, which we know kids are obsessed with having items that are their favorite color. If a boy or girls loves the colors blue and pink, buying golf balls that come in those colors, can be a massive incentive for kids to continue to play golf, it's considered a win win situation, at no extra cost.

Once your child has now fallen in love with golf, you can begin to add to their pallet with fun competitions and games, that you can play inside your house or in your hard. A common misinterpretation we see is parents thinking that golf can only be played at the golf course, but that isn't true. Here at AllKidsGolfClubs.com we carry an entire collection of golf games that can be set up right inside your home or outside, which allows you to bring the golf course right to you, talk about a perfect setup.

Junior Golf Training

Starting with the basics is where even the pros like Tiger Woods always resorts to. There are articles, blogs, and videos online that your child can study, learn from, and perfect to help their golf game elevate. This can be used as your own golf school and be taken with you to your basement, yard, grandpas house, or even in the car. The ability to use online resources of junior golf training can allow you to learn all day everyday. 

As your junior golfers skills progress, they can begin to challenge themselves and learn more complex techniques such as putting, chipping, pitching, and finally, full swing mechanics with various golf clubs. The most important aspect for junior golf training is a progression that is built on a strong foundation, there is no need to rush the basics, like we stated before, even the pros are constantly working on the fundamentals and basics.