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Paragon Junior Golf Club Sets

Paragon Junior Golf Club Sets

Paragon, the maker of the youth golf club's known as Rising Star, manufactures award-winning golf clubs for kids. You can't go wrong with selecting a Paragon Rising Star golf club or golf set. Having won the prestigious Gold Medal from Golf Digest's annual Hot List four years in a row, we're not the only ones touting these amazing clubs. Rising Star has devoted all of their resources and knowledge into creating clubs that leave all junior golfers on top of the world every time they're on the golf course. What does this lead to? A brand new junior golfer who has found success on the golf course and a new eagerness to play and enjoy the beautiful game. Feel free to checkout all of our junior golf sets, we have the largest selection of kids golf clubs in the U.S!

Click here to shop all of our Rising Star Junior golf sets and clubs.


If one thing is consistent about Paragon Rising Star golf clubs, it's our customers raving about how much their child loved these clubs! Available in 4 junior golf sizes and 1 teen size, both left and right handed and five colors, there is a Paragon Rising Star golf club that will fit your child's exact measurements as well as style requirements.

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