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Left Handed Junior Golf Clubs Ages 5-8. How to Select The Right Clubs

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Shop our wide selection of left handed junior golf clubs for kids between the ages 5 and 8, or more specifically, a height range of 42 to 48 inches tall.  Please use age just as a guideline.  Measuring the height of your child is always a more accurate way to select the proper size junior golf clubs. If you're interested in single golf clubs for ages 5 to 8 here is a link to our collection Single Golf clubs Ages 5-8. Free shipping on all junior golf club sets!

We carry lefty youth golf club sets and individual clubs in many color combinations including pink, purple, orange and blue. Checkout our girls golf clubs!

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If you're shopping online for kids left handed golf clubs, odds are you've already shopped at the large sporting goods store in your area and couldn't find what you are looking for.  Many sports stores now carry a great selection of kids golf clubs -- at least more than they did over a decade ago -- but they're still lacking in the left handed department.  You might find one color of left handed kids golf clubs, but definitely not the large selection that you'll find here at All Kids Golf Clubs.  And not only that, but we have free shipping for all of our kids left handed golf sets!  What a deal!

If this is the first time you've shopped for kids golf clubs -- listen up!  First and foremost, it's your job and a parent or grandparent to make sure your child LOVES the game of golf.  So if you child is in the learning phase of the game (aren't we all?) then make sure to start with only one or two clubs.  Don't overwhelm him or her with an entire set of clubs -- completely unnecessary.  Select a putter and an iron (preferably a 7 iron) and you're off to the back yard or driving range.  Don't make the mistake a starting off your child with a driver.  The driver is the most difficult club in the bag to hit.  No reason to frustrate your child right off the bat.  The 7 iron has a good amount of loft, a shorter shaft and is the most manageable club to start with.  If you do want to get your child a wood, then we suggest either a hybrid or a 3 wood. 

If your child has already been playing golf for a while and is looking to upgrade his or her set, make sure that you select the right size clubs for your child.  It might be tempting to purchase a set that he will "grow in to" but beware!  If the set is too big, the child will either pick up bad habits or at the very worst become disinterested in the game because they are having difficulty hitting the ball.  Just understand that your child's set of clubs will last two years at best, so don't try and squeak out any more use that. 

The best way to measure your child for the correct size clubs is by a knuckle to floor measurement.  Many of our club sets provide you with this proper range.  However, if the knuckle to floor measurement isn't available, then the next best way to measure your child is by his or her height.  Every club and set of clubs we offer has a recommended height range found on the product page.