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Learn From Tiger Woods' Golf Swing Sequence by Brent Bonnett

Learn From Tiger Woods' Golf Swing Sequence by Brent Bonnett


Tiger Woods' golf swing sequence has been studied by many amateur and professional golfers alike. He is one of the top professional golfers in the game today, which is why so many players want to emulate him. By working on Tiger Woods golf swing sequence, you will begin to see improvement in your overall efficiency and effectiveness in your golf swing. If you're looking for your first junior golf set, feel free to checkout all of our junior golf sets, we have the largest selection of kids golf clubs in the U.S! 

He uses a full back swing that enables him to maximize his golf swing power, which gives him his power and length off the tee as well as his irons on the fairways. Flexibility is the key to achieving a full golf swing. Follow this simple exercise of this golf swing sequence to get a more flexible back swing:

1) The first thing you need to do is extend your left arm straight out to the left if you are a right-handed golfer, or you need to extend out your right arm if you are a left-handed player.

2) You need to place this hand that you just extended on top of your golf club which is sitting perpendicular to the ground. When you've done this, join your other hand on top of the club as well.

3) Now you need to bend your upper body down and putt pressure on your club. When you do this you should feel your shoulder stretch.

4) Next you need to hold onto this position for about ten to fifteen seconds.

5) Now you need to repeat this with the opposite side for a follow-through stretch.

6) You need to try out this exercise before you tee off or start your round of golf. The great thing about this exercise is that it can be done quickly right before any shot to get more power and distance.

Here are some more of Tiger Woods' golf swing sequences that he used time and time again:

Make sure you pay attention to your hips. Be sure to fully rotate your hips during your golf swing. When you get to your final position after you follow through you want your hips pointing towards the same direction you want your golf ball to fly.

Make sure you do not try to gain club speed by moving your arms, shoulders, or wrists. Golf swing speed is increased by quickly turning your torso, or middle of the body. His sequence has a strong center of gravity, so be sure to keep your body directly over the ball and never sway back and forth during your golf swing and keep your legs as steady as possible. Another great tip is to just study Tiger Woods golf swing sequence by study a video of him in slow motion.

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