How to Choose the Right Junior Golf Set

How to Choose the Right Junior Golf Set

How to Choose the Right Junior Golf Set

There are two basic types of junior golf clubs to choose from: pre-packaged sets (clubs are built and boxed by the manufacturer) and custom built clubs (clubs we build using our own shafts and the highest quality clubheads and grips on the market). When we started this business back in 1999, we offered custom built clubs, but the price of the components escalated making it impractical to continue. As a result, we now focus on pre-packaged sets and offer only the best value (quality and price) to our customers.

Pre-packaged sets contain clubs pre-built to fit a specified age range or height range. The pre-packaged junior golf sets we have chosen to offer our customers are built with high quality components by reputable companies and offer outstanding value for the dollar. The best method for properly selecting a pre-built junior golf set is to use as a guide the recommended height or knuckle-to-floor range for the set that interests you. If your junior's measurements fall at the top of the range, select the next size up and have him or her grip down an inch or two during initial play. Then your child will have a chance to grow into the clubs and maximize your investment.

All Kids Golf Clubs - Recommended Junior Golf Club Sizing Chart by Height

Toddler golf clubs ages 2 to 5 are for toddlers in the height range of 30 to 44 inches tall.

Kids Golf Clubs Ages 5-8 for juniors in the height range of 38 to 48 inches tall.

Junior golf clubs 9 12 for juniors in the height range of 48 to 58 inches tall.

Junior golf clubs ages 12-14 juniors in the height range of 57 to 62 inches tall.

Teen golf clubs for teens in the height range of 58 to 70 inches tall.

Make Sure to Shop by Height not Age

There are basically two ways to shop for junior golf clubs: by age and by height. While most manufacturers offer their sets by age range, it is more accurate to shop by height.  Selecting your junior golf clubs by height will result in a more appropriate fit, since your junior may be small or tall for his/her age range. In each of our product pages, we have included the recommended height range and the length of each club, to make golf set and club selection as informative and accurate as possible. Please check out our golf club comparison chart for all the sets we carry in the ages 2-5 category along with all the club lengths and recommended heights for each set.

Club and Shaft Weight: Important at the Junior Level

Another important aspect to evaluate when selecting junior golf clubs is the overall club weight. Heavy clubs with cut down adult steel shafts and clubheads designed and weighted for adults are very difficult for smaller golfers to swing efficiently, and sometimes result in the junior golfer spinning around way too many times at the end of the swing!

A club properly weighted for a junior will allow the speed of the arms to match the rotation of the body, resulting in better club head-ball contact, more distance and improved accuracy. We have found that up to about nine years old a junior needs both a lighter club head and a lighter shaft. A lighter shaft combined with standard weight clubheads works great for most nine to twelve year olds, preparing them for graduation to adult clubs in their teen years.

We look far and wide for the perfect match between quality, technology and playability, then test the clubs extensively to make sure our customers will be happy with the performance characteristics.