How Tall Can You Be To Use Junior Golf Clubs?

How Tall Can You Be To Use Junior Golf Clubs?

How Tall is Too Tall For Junior Golf Clubs?

When purchasing a junior golf set, the recipe for success already started. Yup, it was as easy as that. A junior golf set is made for junior golfers, I know it may be hard to believe but that is true. We get a lot of messages of people asking "how to cut down adult clubs for juniors" and the best way to answer that question is to not. It would be like entertaining a childs bad behavior, the result is more bad behavior.

Junior golf clubs come in various sizes, often times ranging in 10 inch increments. That's a general rule, every manufacturer is different, so it's important to read the product description to figure out what height range gap is recommended for that specific childrens golf set you're looking for. Here at AllKidsGolfClubs we write the recommended height range in all of the youth golf clubs title and description page, to make sure there is no confusion.

What makes junior golf clubs so special? Well, they come in the proper size for your child, allowing them to build proper mechanics, habits, and properly fitted golf clubs allow for you success on the golf course. The quicker a child finds success on the golf course the better their chances are of continuing to play. Junior golf clubs also feature junior flex. Junior golf flex is lighter clubs and are designed for swing speeds slower than 75 miles per hour. This allows for farther and more consistent hits.

When is My Child Too Tall For Junior Golf Sets?

Here at we carry kids golf clubs all the way up to 70 inches tall. At that point we consider that height range to be teen golfers. Teenager golfers are at the point where they're developing, growing, improving their strength, and in result their swing speed is too fast for junior golf clubs. Teen golf sets generally end at 70 inches, but these depends on the manufacturer and what they offer. Some brands stop making junior golf sets at 64 inches and some at 70 inches. It will depend on your childs strength, skill level, swing speed, and personal preference as to what they want to do, whether it be staying in a teen golf set or moving to adult golf sets. To learn more about golf trends check them out.