How Do I Start My Child in Golf?

How Do I Start My Child in Golf?

The Lifelong Journey of Golf Begins Here

It's finally that time, you child is showing interest in golf (that makes us smile here at and you know have a million different questions on how to get your child started in junior golf. We know these questions range from, where do I get junior golf clubs, what size do I get, what brand is best, where can we play, and the list goes on. The stress can stop here because we are going to walk you through how to get your child started in golf, with everything you could possibly need.

Let Kids Pick out Their Golf Set

Kids, they want what they want, and at times they can be stubborn on what they "like." The color of your junior golf set does matter to children golfers, we have seen this for the past 23 years here at That's why we are proud to carry the largest selection of junior golf clubs in the U.S, with 400+ kids golf clubs. We promise to have the perfect kids golf set for your child, ranging from colors such as red, blue, yellow, orange, green, pink, purple, teal, black, silver, and other color combinations.

You do not need to purchase an entire junior golf set for your child if they're just starting out. This a common mistake we see parents make. We understand that purchasing a $150 dollar golf set could be a lot of all it does is sit in the garage. We carry an entire collection of single junior golf clubs, which are all you need to fuel the start of your child's golfing journey. Checkout all of our single golf clubs here.

Now, although we know color matters to kids, parents also want to be sure that they're purchasing a kids golf set that delivers high quality performance. We carry the best golf brands in the world and every brand we carry, has been tested and passed our rigorous test that we conduct here at You won't be disappointed, we guarantee that.

Invest in golf Games That Can Be Played at Home

 Now as your child begins golfing, you do not need to take them to the golf course for them to improve their game. Believe it or not, you can bring the golf course right to your living room or yard. This is a great way to allow your child to play golf everyday, without making a trip to the golf course. If you're playing in your yard, you can purchase a golf net, chipping net, and even use practice foam balls, which are very useful for your junior golfer if their swing is a little inconsistent.

This gets even better because if you live in an area where winters get golf and golf is no longer playable, we have everything you need to play indoor golf. Practice foam balls are a must due to the fact that they will not cause as much damage as a real golf ball would. We carry an entire line of indoor practice games and training games, which will allow your junior golfers TO HAVE FUN which is most important and also continue to practice their golf game 365 days a year. Checkout all of our golf training aids and games here!

Getting Children Involved in Golf Camps

Children love to do activities that they can do with their siblings, cousins, and friends. We all can relate back to our childhood where our fondest memories are with friends who shared a common interest in activities. This is an amazing aspect of golf, it can be played with your friends! We suggest that getting your child involved in golf camps because of how it will allow your child to develop their golf game but more importantly it will allow your junior golf circle to grow larger. This is a win win situation.

Golf camps are usually held at your local golf course or private country clubs, both are great options to start your child in golf camps. The first day of camp is like the first day of school, as in it will be a little awkward for your child. Once they settle in, they will be looking forward to going back the next day and the rest is history.

Now that your child is loving golf camp, their golf game is improving, they're practicing, and making friends who also like golfing. This is music to our ears because you couldn't draw up a better scenario if you tried. Their golfing friends is now bringing that social aspect, which makes your child love golf more than anything else in the world.

Joining The PGA JR League

The PGA JR Tour is a great way to take your childs golf game to the next level. The PGA JR Tour has a structure that allows your child to complete, grow, practice, and make friends while golfing. Checkout the pga junior league for more information.

Be Nurturing and Patient

As your child is finding their way in golf, there will be ups and downs. This okay and actually natural. Kids need a positive response when they're trying to learn something new, that's why everything we do here at is to set up the next generation of junior golfers, we've been doing it since 1999 and take great pride in this. The quicker a child finds success in golf, the more they will want to play, and continue. We ask that you do not force your child to play golf or practice, allow them to decide when they want to, and what they want to do. If you apply too much demand on them at an early age, they may resent golf or not want to play anymore. The easiest way to avoid this would to be nurturing, supportive, and understanding to your child when they're golfing. Learn about golf trends.