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How to Easily Add 20 Yards to your Driver

How to Easily Add 20 Yards to your Driver with these 3 Top Golf Driving Tips - By Scott Meyers

Would you like some golf driving tips on how to keep your drives in the fairway? Are you one of the golfers who is guilty of purchasing the latest and greatest technology seen in the magazines when it comes to your driver? Are you frustrated that after the first few holes you're hitting your new driver just as badly as your old one? If you're reading this and are in the process of shopping for a junior golf set, feel free to checkout all of our junior golf sets, we have the largest selection of kids golf clubs in the U.S!

Here are some golf driving tips to keep you in the short grass:


Golf Driving Tip #1:  Change Ball Position

This will take a little bit of experimenting on your part. Because you want to strike the ball on your upswing with your driver, it has always been said that for best results, you should position the ball off your left heel (for a right-handed golfer). Today's drivers require a little different method. Some great results have been reported by golfers when they position the ball further up in their stance with the driver. Some golfers have reported great results by positioning the ball even further up in their stance near the outside of their lead foot. This extreme example may not work for everyone, but practicing with different ball positions will determine what works best for you. You may even have better results with the ball farther back in your stance.


Golf Driving Tip #2:  Align the Logo

The majority of golf balls made today have some sort of alignment aid printed on them. You can us this when teeing off to get your driver aligned with the direction you intend the ball to go. Simply aim the arrow (or the logo if that's all the ball has) in the direction you want the ball to start out. Align your driver up with the writing, then align your stance to your driver, take a nice easy backswing, then let 'er rip!


Golf Driving Tip #3:  Use Longer Tees

Before the size boom in today's drivers, you used to get your best drives by teeing your ball with its equator at the top of the driver face. This would put half of the ball above your driver when at address. Now with the majority of today's drivers in the 460cc size range, studies have shown that teeing your ball with 3/4 of the ball above the driver gives the best results both in trajectory and distance. The tees of yesteryear are just not long enough to get the ball this high off the ground. You should start using extra long tees to get the maximum benefits out of your new driver.

These 3 golf driving tips when applied, will most certainly add distance to your current drives. So do yourself a favor - go to the range, practice what you've just read, and start smiling when you're playing more of your second shots from the fairway.

About the author:
Scott Myers has helped golfers of all skill levels start shooting the best golf scores of their life by teaching a simple, step-by-step putting formula designed to drop 9-to-11 strokes in as little as 5 minutes.