Back 2 Basics Golf Putting Mirror

Back 2 Basics Golf Putting Mirror

Back 2 Basics Golf is Changing The Game Of Golf

When it comes to golf, we all want to reach our potential, and feel good when doing so. You owe that to yourself and the feeling of being a better golfer, is priceless. From hard work, believing in yourself, and having the proper golfing tools to incorporate in your game, the world is yours for the taking. What tools do you need? How do I find them? Well, lucky for you, Back 2 Basics golf is here to deliver results to your golf putting game. Putt for dough is a reality and it's coming to life in front of your eyes.

Nicholas Steiner who is the master mind behind Back 2 Basics golf is a pioneer in the game of golf and he has brought out the potential in golfers all around the world. From kids to pro golfers his impact has been felt. All Kids Golf Clubs met with Nicholas and we immediately knew he was a perfect fit for bringing us more tools, to fuel the next generation of Junior Golfers, which we have been doing since 1999. Read more about them here.

Back 2 Basics Pro Golfer Approved

Back 2 Basics Golf Philosophy

Going “back to the basics” literally means to return to a simpler way of doing things. Too often nowadays, golf training aids can be over complicated - and in the worst cases do more harm than good for a golfer’s game. We aim to fix that. Everything we build takes inspiration from golf’s proven traditions, and blends them with the cutting edge tech of modern golf. That “ah-ha” moment when a correction starts to click. High-quality design and materials. Seeing our gear “out in the wild”. When a putt tracks to the hole right off the club face. High cuts into a tight pin. High draws down the center of the fairway. Morning rounds into the sunrise. Evening rounds with friends against a sunset. That centered feeling you get walking a course you truly love.

The Belief of Back 2 Basics Golf

Gimmicks and snake-oil. Anything not built to last. A full wedge thinned to bejeezus. Unsolicited swing advice. Lip outs. Snap hooks. Golfers that don’t respect the course. Sandbaggers. 5 hour rounds. Losing a brand new ball. 3 putts…we really, really hate 3-putts. This is when All Kids Golf Clubs and Nicholas Steiner had an "ah-ha" moment because we both believe in doing things the right way, building something special from the heart, and a relationship that is built to last.

Back 2 Basics Putting Mirror

The term "Putt for dough" isn't just a saying, it's the reality of golf. Putting is where all golfers need to excel at, in order to reach their potential. From the pros and hearing their stories of them as juniors, they put an emphasis on practicing their putting. Improve the fundamentals of your putting mechanics, and shave strokes off your scorecard with the Pro Path Putting Mirror! Improve eye and shoulder alignment, dial in your backstroke and follow-through, and improve the overall accuracy of your short game using this putting mirror. Put those dreaded bogeys to rest, and "Level Your Game Up"! Shop now.

Back 2 Basics Putting Mirror Set