Are Kids Golf Clubs Lighter Than Adult Clubs

Are Kids Golf Clubs Lighter Than Adult Clubs

Are Kids Golf Clubs Lighter Than Adult Clubs

What makes junior golf clubs so special? Can't I just cut down adult golf clubs? Well, to answer the first question, yes absolutely, kids golf clubs are lighter. To answer the second question, does putting a salt in a baking recipe instead of sugar taste better? That desert you just baked with salt is a disaster and same with any idea related to cutting down adult golf clubs for kids.

Technology In Childrens Golf Clubs

Now, this is a very broad question, but every single junior golf set that we carry at is packed with technology to allow junior golfers to reach their potential. We can't speak on every junior golf set on the market but we can provide you details on what we carry here at The Home Of Junior Golf.

  • Height Appropriate Golf Clubs: All of our childrens golf sets come in specific height ranges. This allows you to find the perfect sized golf set right out of the box. This eliminates all confusion or guessing on "if this golf set" will fit my child.
  • Lightweight clubs: Which allow for faster swing speeds, consistent hits, and don't hinder your childs swing mechanics.
  • Junior Flex: What is junior flex? Junior Flex is for swing speeds slower than 75 miles per hour. This allows for farther and more consistent hits.
  • Kid Friendly Designs: Believe it or not, designs, color, and style matters to kids. If a child is able to pick out their golf set in their favorite color, style, or design, the chances they fall in love with their youth golf set will sky rocket through the roof. This is a massive success!

Youth Golf Set Playing

So, are Youth Golf Clubs Lighter Than Adult Golf Clubs?

When we say "yes youth golf clubs are lighter than adult golf clubs" we are speaking for any golf set that you see us offer at With that being said, yes childrens golf sets are lighter than adult golf sets and come with other features that allow for your child to succeed on the golf course. Bringing all of these features, designs, and technology together will allow for a future golf star. To learn more about the latest golf trends check them out.

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