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Junior Golf Gloves - Are they Necessary?

Junior Golf Gloves for Girls and Boys

Junior golf gloves for boys and girls of all ages -- starting with Extra Small for kids ages 3 to 5!  In most cases, you want to select a glove to fit the top hand of the grip.  Make sure to select a left handed golf glove for right handed golfers and a right handed golf glove for left handed golfers. Feel free to checkout all of our junior golf sets, we have the largest selection of kids golf clubs in the U.S!

Golf gloves for juniors might even be more important that golf gloves for adults.  It helps your child stay clear from blisters and helps maintain tackiness for those children who have a weaker grip. Available in pink and blue.

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Junior golf glove:  To wear one or not, that is the question!

Wearing a junior golf glove is not required, but it is recommended.  The real reason to wear a junior golf glove is so they can get a good grip on the club without squeezing the grip so hard that they loose their ability to make a good swing and hit the ball.  A golf glove is tackier than the human hand so it helps keep the glove from slipping.  Additionally, it helps prevent the kid’s golf club from twisting and slipping during the golf swing and helps to prevent blisters….nobody wants little blisters on their kids little hands….that surly would turn them off from playing a round or two.

Should kids wear just one golf glove or two? 

Just like adults, kids need only wear one golf glove and usually wear it on the top hand (or lead hand) of your grip.  The reason to wear just one is because with the normal overlap or inter-locking grip, only part of the follow-on hand contacts the grip at any given time.

How to ensure the right kids golf glove fit

The glove should fit your little golfers hand snugly, without any extra space at the fingertips and no wrinkles across the back of the hand, and of course be the right color, whether that is white, black, and blue, pink, purple or otherwise…if they like the glove, they’re more likely to wear it!  Additionally, think about purchasing a junior golf glove with a ball marker on this.  This way your little golfer can begin to learn golf etiquette (such as how to mark your ball on the green) while learning to play the game. 

How should your little golfer take care of their glove? 

Well, not losing it is 99% of the game and other than that just don’t scrunch it up too much so when you want to wear it the next time you play, it feels soft as opposed to stiff and crinkly.

Synthetic or leather?

Leather gloves are most comfortable and last longer, but are more expensive.  Synthetic gloves allow the skin to breath, and are more durable, but not as comfortable.  The best gloves have ventilation between the fingers to help wick sweat and moisture away from those little fingers.