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How Much Should A Junior Golf Club Cost?

How Much Should A Junior Golf Club Cost?

Finding A Junior Golf Set That Fits Your Budget

When shopping for a junior golf set, you can spend anywhere from $129.99 to $600 dollars. Those price points are obviously very far apart and that's okay, it depends on what you're looking for. One thing we like to make clear is that here at we only carry kids golf clubs that we have tested, approved, and meet our high quality standards. When it comes to finding a perfect golf set in your budget there are various brands like Tour Edge, Cleveland, Callaway, Top Flite, Lynx, U.S Kids, TaylorMade, Cobra, Alien, Tour X, and Epec Golf. These are all phenomenal golf brands and vary in budget. Here at we have broken down our how much should a junior golf clubs cost into a beginner category, recreational category, and competitive category.

Beginner Youth Golf Clubs

Our beginner youth golf sets feature the highest quality engineering, lightweight clubs, and high quality golf bags. They're priced at a "beginner" standpoint for one reason, they come with 3-4 clubs and are not equipped with 7-10 clubs. We believe that if you're starting off in golf, you need an iron, putter, and some golf balls. Our beginner childrens golf clubs start at $99 dollars. Shop all of our Kids Golf Sets for Beginners starting at $99 here.

Recreational Junior Golf Sets

Our Recreation golf sets feature the highest quality of engineering and attention to detail, but are priced fairly between a starter set and a competitive grade set. We understand that your child may want a set that is higher quality than a $99 dollar set but not at the competitive grade which can cost you $500 dollars. Our Golf Sets for Recreation are perfect for those golfers that are beginning to enjoy the game, as they golf with their friends, family, or even at the golf range. Shop all of our Kids Golf Sets for Recreation that start at $154.99 here.

Competitive Kids Golf Clubs

Our Junior Golf Sets for Competition feature the highest quality of engineering and attention to detail! The best way to describe these golf sets are that they come with the same engineering that the pros use, but are shrunk down to fit your junior golfer, and come with junior flex making it appropriate for your junior golfer or teen golfer to use. Shop all of our Junior Golf Sets for Competition starting at $249.99 here.

So How Much Should Childrens Golf Clubs Cost?

When shopping for youth golf sets and figuring out how much they should cost, the answer is truly up to you. At AllKidsGolfClubs our selection starts at $99 for starter golf sets and this can range up to $600 dollars. If you're searching for single junior golf clubs these start at $39.99. If you're not sure what you're looking for yet, we carry the largest selection of Junior Golf Clubs with 400+ golf sets. Checkout all of our kids golf clubs here! Checkout recent golf trends.