The Guide To Tour Edge Golf Clubs

The Guide To Tour Edge Golf Clubs

The History of Tour Edge Golf - 1986

Who should we thank for Tour Edge Junior Golf clubs? The only right answer would be David Glod! Glod began his golf as a kid, like all of us, and played at Florida Southern University, then followed by a short stint as a PGA club professional. Gold's strategy to help Tour Edge thrive as we see today is by investing time, energy, and resources in club design and engineering. The focus Tour Edge dedicates to their Junior Golfers is truly sensational, "Tour Edge also produces two other sub-brands, which along with the Exotics strive to cover the gauntlet of every skill level of golfer. In addition to the Exotics, the Tour Edge catalog includes Hot Launch, a high-performing game improvement line of clubs, and the Get in the Game collection, which compiles complete sets of clubs that may appeal to casual or beginning golfers of all types on a budget.

Tour Edge is a mid sized golf company, but don't let that steer you away from purchasing their Junior Golf clubs. Just like All Kids Golf Clubs being a small family owned business, Tour Edge and us share a common bond of being a smaller fish in the pond, but you won't find anyone else putting in as much heart and pride in what they do.

Tour Edge Golf Clubs

Tour Edge has been paving the way in the game of golf since 1986 and have shown no signs of slowing down. The sole mission of Tour Edge is to provide futuristic cutting edge technology and the highest quality of golf products. David Glod the founder of Tour Edge formulated a strategy to help Tour Edge thrive as we see today by investing time, energy, and resources in club design and engineering. Tour Edge Golf Clubs deliver results to pro tour golfers and the everyday golfers who are just looking to have fun. There's nothing better than the feeling of a golf club that helps you succeed. Shop all Tour Edge Golf Clubs.

Tour Edge Golf Clubs for Adults

When selecting your golf equipment it should never be done as a shot in the dark. You deserve more than that. The Tour Edge Golf Sets come equipped with a perfect fit for adults, ladies, and bring you pro tour engineering, at a friendly price point. Is this too good to be true? It is, but this isn't a dream, it's a reality that comes to life with all of the Tour Edge Golf Clubs and our Tour Edge Ladies Golf Clubs.

Tour Edge Ladies Golf Clubs

Tour Edge makes an incredible complete golf set for ladies. They're not only stylish, they feature engineering for ladies, various sizing, and they come ready to be used at the golf course right away. We carry the entire collection of Tour Edge Ladies Golf Clubs.

Tour Edge Junior Golf Clubs

The focus that goes into the Tour Edge Junior Golf Sets warms our hearts here at This allows junior golfers to reach their golfing potential and the success continues for the rest of their golfing career. There shouldn't be any guessing when it comes to what junior set to use and Tour Edge made it their mission to help kid golfers reach a level that is prestigious. Shop all Tour Edge Junior Golf Clubs.

Why Shop at All Kids Golf Clubs?

We have the largest selection of junior golf sets in the U.S. And if you need help, we provide expert assistance in selecting the best junior golf set for your child. This can be done using our online chat. You'll speak to a real human located in the state of Connecticut! And don't forget, we offer Free Shipping on all our junior golf club sets!