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Golf FORE!! Beginners and Instructional Guide For Others

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The Golf FORE!! Beginners book introduces the game of golf so it is easy to understand and fun to learn.  It provides a complete guide to learning the game by addressing swing fundamentals, rules, ediquette, scorekeeping, equipment needs, golf related terms and much more.  Soft Cover - 200 pages.

About the Author:  Stephen Ruthenberg has over 15 years of experience in the golf business, and has been an active member of the Professional Golfers' Association of America for more than 7 years.  Throughout his years in the business, he has instructed numerous golf classes along with hundreds of individual golf lessons. 

 Table of Contents:

1.  Welcome To the Game of Golf

2.  The Layout of a Golf Course

3.  Your Golf Clubs

4.  Golf Etiquette

5.  Rules for an Enjoyable Game of Golf

6.  What Determines Ball Flight

7.  The Pre-Swing - The Grip

8.  The Pre-Swing - Posture, Ball Position and Alignment

9.  The Full-Swing - Woods and Irons

10.  The Short Game - Putting

11.  The Short Game - Chipping, Pitching, Bunker Play, and Half to Three-Quarter Shots

12.  Playing the Game of Golf

13.  Practicing Effectively

14.  What to Consider When Buying Golf Clubs

15.  What to Consider When Buying Other Equipment