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Kids Golf Clubs & Sets

Kids Golf Clubs for All Ages

Whether you're looking for an individual kids golf club (from driver to putter) or a complete set, We at All Kids Golf Clubs have what you're looking for. We have the largest selection of kids golf clubs in the U.S! Shop all of our kids golf clubs here!

Check out our great selection of toddler golf clubs in our Ages 2 to 5 Category all the way up to Teen Golf Sets. 

Looking for left handed kids golf clubs? Look no further! Whether it's pink, purple, orange or black we have what lefties need from toddler to teen.

Please be aware that the best way to shop for kids golf clubs is by measuring the height of your child, and not by his or her age. All of our kids golf club sets have a height range stated right on the product page making easy for your shopping convenience. We use age just as a recommended place to start your shopping, but if you have a rather tall or small child, please make sure to measure your child first!

If you're in the market for kids golf clubs, then you've come to the right place. We at All Kids Golf Clubs pride ourselves in offering a great selection of quality golf clubs made especially for kids at a price you can afford.

It is important to purchase a set of golf clubs made especially for kids. You might be tempted to take an old set of your adult clubs and cut them down to kid size, but that just doesn't work. When you cut a set of clubs down, you end up altering the flex of the clubs and ultimately this 'new' set of kids golf clubs will have a very stiff shaft and your child will be unsuccessful in launching the ball into the air.  All of our children’s golf clubs have flexible and light weight shafts made especially for kids which will provide them with the best success at getting that ball in the air.

When your child is just learning the game of golf, it is most important for him or her to experience immediate success with the game. If your child is successful in hitting the ball into the air then he or she is more likely to want to play again. In order to give your child the best chance at success, you need to make sure that your child has properly fitting kids golf clubs. You might be tempted to purchase a set of kids golf clubs that are a little too big for your child in an anticipation that he/she will grow into them. You might be able to get two years with of play out of a kids golf set -- don't expect to get any more than that. Because if you buy your kids golf clubs too big, your child will have difficulty swinging the clubs and could get easily frustrated. Remember, the goal is to teach your child to enjoy the game of golf and to set him up for success.

The best way to make sure that you have selected the right size kids golf clubs for your child is by a knuckle to floor measurement. This is the most accurate measurement for sizing kids golf clubs, and we include this measurement for many of the junior clubs found on our site.  If a knuckle to floor measurement is not available, then the next best way to determine your child's club size is by your child's height. All of our clubs have a height range recommendation for each club set. We do segment our kids golf clubs by age range for ease of shopping, but that is the least accurate way to select the correct size kids golf clubs. 

The best form of flattery is imitation – and your child will want to imitate you. So when outfitting your child for that first round of golf, think about what you use and wear. Consider buying your child a golf hat, junior golf glove, junior golf sunglasses and possibly even golf shoes. Although it is not necessary to purchase these items for your child at this age, you might want to spend the extra money so your child will feel like a real golfer – and look like his golfing role model. Just remember to start with your child at the driving range and not at the course!