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Junior Golf Clubs Ages 5-8

Kids Golf Clubs for Ages 5-8

Select from great kids golf clubs that fit children in a height range 38 to 48 inches tall. If your child is at the top of the height range in the junior golf clubs set that you've selected, we recommend bumping up to the next size clubs. Make sure to review each individual product for specific height recommendations for each club set. Feel free to checkout all of our junior golf sets, we have the largest selection of kids golf clubs in the U.S!

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All Kids Golf Clubs carries kids golf clubs for ages 6-8 in 4 club sets up to 7 club sets. All are lightweight sets with either junior flex composite shafts or graphite shafts made especially for juniors. Check out each junior golf set to determine which clubs are included. Some sets include a hybrid while others do not. All of our youth golf clubs in this category come with a stand bag included and shipping is free!

Check out our link at the bottom of the page for our selection of single youth golf clubs for ages 5-8. Additionally, a junior golf glove would make a great complement to any kids golf club set.

Most kids learn the basics of golf when they are between the ages of 5 and 8 years old, which is the age range of this category. So for many of you, this might be your first shopping experience for youth golf clubs. Don’t be dragged into the big sporting goods stores thinking that you have to buy the best brand name that money can buy. Not only are you paying mainly for the big name that these clubs carry, but in many instances these stores lack the product depth on the shelves for your child to choose from. Especially if your child is left handed or is interested in girl colors such as pink or purple. Keep in mind that your child is very likely to outgrow this set of clubs in one to two years. So when shopping for golf clubs for kids ages 5 to 8, think function and price first. If your child turns out to love the game of golf, you will have plenty of time in the future to spend fortunes on their golf equipment.

Here at All Kids Golf Clubs, we have spent the past 14 years scouring the planet to find the highest quality kids golf clubs at the best price. When we first started in this business, there weren’t any, so we had to make them ourselves. But now, we have found quite a few great manufacturers (many you probably haven’t heard of) but we’ve test out all their equipment on our own kids and are we impressed! Many of these sets have even been recognized by Golf Digest as best in their class. We stand behind our jr golf clubs. If for any reason you don’t like the clubs that you’ve purchased, you can send them back for any reason no questions asked for a full refund (less shipping).